Ballroom & Latin Dance Video Lessons

How to use our Dance Video Lessons?

You will find here more than 150 ballroom and latin dance video lessons for beginners and advanced dancers and teachers. If you are not yet memeber of ballroom dance studio or club, we encourage you to find at least 20-30 minutes weekly for dancing with our video guidance. Choose your favorite dance - Waltz, Salsa, Tango, Jive, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep, Slow Foxtrot, Samba, Rumba - and let's begin! If you have questions - email or write to us in YouTube video comments. We'll be happy to help you.


Tango for Beginners

These videos will hepl you to learn Tango basics. First two tutorials will teach how to dance Walks, Progressive Link and Closed Promenade. Then we will learn Reverse Turn and few Tango Routines.

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Waltz for Beginners

Waltz tutorials will help you to learn Waltz basics. We will start with Natural Box and Natural Turn, then we will dance Reverse Box and Reverse Turn. Then we will learn Natural Spin Turn. Let's start!

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Slow Foxtrot

First we will learn Weave in Slow Foxtrot. Then we will learn 5 Foxtrot Routines which includes Natural Spin Type action, Curved Three Step and Tumble Turn.

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We will start with Basic and Lock Step. Then we will learn Routines with Tipple Chasse, Turning Lock Step, Double Lock Step and Running Spin Turn.

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Salsa for Beginners

In Salsa video for Beginners we will learn Basic (in place, forward-backward, to side), Lady's solo turn to Right and Cross Body Lead.

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Viennese Waltz

We will learn two Rutines which includes Natural Turn, Reverse Turn and Change steps. These steps you can use also in Wedding Dance.

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In Cha videos we will learn Basic Routines with Closed Basic, Checks and Solo Turns. Then we will learn Hip Twist Chasse, Ronde Chasse and Routines.

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We will learn basic Routines with Whisk, Reverse Turn and Promenade to Counter Promenade Run. The we will learn Samba Lock, Boto Fogo and Volta.

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We will learn basic Rumba Routine including Close Basic, Check and Solo Turn. Then we will dance Open and Closed Hip Twists, Swivels and exciting Routines.

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First we will learn Jive Basic and easy Routine. Then we will dance Mooch, Rolling off the Arm, Change of Arms behind Back and Flicks into Break.

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